Sometimes we create JavaScript codes that could run in a browser or in a Node.js environment. The way we register the module in each environment is different. But we can define a single code that deals with this and allow us to run the same module. To to this we use some concept called UMD (Universal Module Definition). Here I will show just the basic but you can see more samples at UMD (Universal Module Definition).

To to this, just wrap your JavaScript code with the following:

(function(global, factory) {
    typeof exports === 'object' && typeof module !== 'undefined' ? module.exports = factory() :
        typeof define === 'function' && define.amd ? define(factory) :
        global.yourModuleName = factory()
}(this, function() {
    'use strict';
    // ---------------------------------------------------------
    //  var yourModuleName = Your Code Here (function or object)
    // ---------------------------------------------------------
    return yourModuleName;